Building & Construction Demolition Services In Malaysia

Building demolition work in Malaysia is more than just swinging a sledgehammer or ramming a hydraulic breaker onto old concrete structures.

It’s an engineered process of removing a variety of structures safely and efficiently.

Over the years, many developed countries have outgrown its own land management in congested areas especially in the cities. Older buildings and even poorly designed buildings that have a Low Plot Ratio is destined for demolition.


Most of these buildings are built between other structures or even sharing another building structure party wall. As such, these buildings require Controlled Demolition Methods. Being as a demolition company in Malaysia, Multi Demolition Sdn Bhd is able to provide such Specialist Demolition methods services. The pre-planning phase of any building demolition project requires great consideration to a wide range of concerns including environmental and safety issues – for the company workers on-site and the public in general.

A carefully considered method is essential for the safety of everyone involved, which is why demolition work methods must be executed with a high level of precision. We understand the importance of selecting the right strategies, and the right tools, for the job, and our engineers have the expertise and experience in providing the best method for various building demolition project.

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