Controlled Demolition by Diamond Cutting Method

Controlled Demolition by Diamond Cutting and Manual Methods

  • Controlled Demolition Method requires engineering expertise to decide which key structural members should be cut or removed in the correct sequence to avoid structural collapse. This method is best suited for bridge demolition, silos, chimneys and structures on isolated or heavily controlled and secure sites.
  • Building Surveys will be carried out to determine the type of building construction. Once this has been identified, we will design a Demolition Plan.
  • Basically, the Demolition Plan will be based on the existing building structure to be demolished and balance structure to remain, ie: Shopping Center expansion and adding additional floors.
  • This method is also used to demolish partial failed structures to ensure that the balance structures can be repaired.

Multi Demolition is well versed in diamond cutting methods and it is recommended during internal building demolition or partial building demolition where working space is a constraint. This diamond cutting method helps to minimize dust and noise, whilst enabling accurate cuts to be made, even cut through heavily reinforced concrete.

Our operators are trained in the use of a variety of equipment from wire saws to the core drill, all of which can be employed on your project to the best advantage.