Scheduled Waste Mitigation & Disposal In Malaysia

Multi Demolition has been trained by the respective consultants in scheduled waste mitigation & disposal management in Malaysia. Some of the Scheduled Waste handled by us are listed in the following table:-

The list is not complete, as there are many different classes of SW that may be defined by various related Consultants and Scheduled Waste Agencies.

Some of these SW are present in our demolition sites and may be treated as an optional Work Scope in our Demolition Project and some may be the main Scope Of Works depending on the severity and quantity of the related SW.

Special management methods, handling and packing are required for proper disposal of the respective SW. No SW are disposed without proper identification and labelling of the related SW according to the standards set by the Authorities.

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SW110 E-Waste
SW305 Spent Lubricating Oil
SW306 Spent Hydraulic Oil
SW311 Waste Oil Sludge
SW409 Waste Contaminated Material
SW429 Discarded Oil